Custom Fingerboard Mold (3D Printed)


The "Custom Fingerboard Mold (3D Printed)" includes:

- 1x Custom 2 Piece (Top and Bottom) 3D Printed Fingerboard Mold.
- 1x Custom "0" Shape Router Template

*If you would like additional Custom Templates please purchase the Additional Templates Add-On!

Q1) What happens when I order a Mold?
A1) After you order a mold you will receive an email within 24 hours requesting all the information needed to make the mold.

Q2) How long until I receive the mold?
A2) To be honest it depends on the order size, how many orders there are in Queue and how many revisions/how complicated your design request is. Rocket is a 1 person operation and it's the only service that allows you to TRULY FULLY customize your mold to YOUR liking. This means it takes time. On average I would say it's a 1-2 week process from when you place the order to when you receive the mold :) (This time is a bit more of course for Int'l due to shipping times)

Q3) How strong are your molds?
A3) To be completely honest our molds are very strong, however at the end of the day they are indeed Plastic (3D Printed) and a metal mold will always be stronger (just how physics and material properties work) HOWEVER we have had many companies which you know and love use our molds for full on 24/7 production and they do so with great success, end of the day it comes down to how well you treat the mold (i.e. not putting excessive pressure on it and also making sure the pressure is spread out as evenly as possible over the mold) at the end of the day you can buy about 3 Custom 3D printed molds for the price of 1 Metal mold so the choice is your to make :)