Custom Shaper Design [PACK]

Custom Shaper Design [PACK]

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Custom Shaper Design [PACK]

Purchase this if you would like a BULK discount on Shaper Designs. The options are 3x and 5x. Please make sure you purchase Custom Shaper Prints if you would like the designs to be printed. 


NOTE: You can print a shaper design in multiple widths without purchasing an additional shaper design. For example; 1 Shaper Design (32 x 96 Popsicle) can be used to print 2 Custom Shaper 3D Prints, one which is 32 x 96 Popsicle and the other 33 x 96 Popsicle (in this case you have 1 design and 2 prints) If you would like to change overall length, kick lengths or the shape that would need a NEW Shaper Design


A Custom Shaper Design file in .STL format (standard 3D Printing format). This file can be printed and shipped to you by purchasing a [Rocket Shaper 3D Print] from the store! 

The Shaper can be in literally ANY shape provided by you, you can send hand drawn schematics, dimensions or example images of the desired shape.

You will receive an email after you order with instructions on how to provide your specifications, dimensions and/or images.



The .STL file design is proprietary to Rocket Fingerboards and can only be used for PERSONAL use (i.e. the file cannot be re-sold for profit or the resulting prints), if you would like a file that can be used commercially then please contact us directly.